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As to the words of Mc Brien & Brandt we promisingly work towards this goal, that is "The goal is to raise children to become morally responsible, self-disciplined citizens. Problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution are important parts of developing moral character.

Vedic aims at sharing the knowledge, value and skills among individuals and communities with the ultimate aim of spreading knowledge. In order to achieve this aim, we promote localized analysis as well as comparative perspective, Similarly, we welcome varied innovations that perceive education with an integrative perspective bringing in local, national, regional as well as global contexts.

Developing strong character traits in children is an important issue in today's world. So Character education programs are striving to positively promote student success in academics, person and social interaction and through means such as encouraging them to speak respectfully towards others, volunteering throughout the community, becoming responsible citizens by caring for others, and building decision-making and problem solving skills.
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