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Vedic Vidyasram was established in 2012, by Thiru. Senthil Andavar Educational Trust with a strong view that true education is a harmonious development of the physical and mental abilities of an individual and transforms the future of the child as a self reliant, ambitious, motivated individual.

We welcome students from all parts of India and the world who are keen to learn, who are curious about the world they live in and wish to explore a variety of experiences in order to develop their innate talents. The school is inclusive from inception and the building is fully accessible to anyone with special needs. We recognize that each child has different strength and thus look forward to be able to provide a diverse curriculum that is meaningful and purposeful.

Golden goals of Vedic 

  • Chiseling the core discipline.
  • Positive character modulation.
  • Makes learning an interactive experience.
  • Delivering an educational excellence.
  • Extension of wide knowledge apart from the text books.
  • Support students in setting personal goals.
  • Helps students to identify their interests & abilities.
  • Stimulating and secure learning environment.

‚ÄčAt Vedic Vidyasram we believe that a school is not only a place of educational experience. It is more like a second home. Like our homes, it is the place where we form our earliest opinions, values, likes and dislikes. So we decided to impart more than just bookish knowledge, we decided to make our school a place where a child lives to learn and learns to live.


The Curriculum of the School has been developed keeping in mind the highest international standards to open minds and break the barriers and boundaries that confine learning. Our curriculum approach focuses on imparting skill based knowledge using sequential learning techniques.

It follows an educational system based on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). More students in a classroom increase the number of students with varying degrees of learning ability and information uptake. Consequently, the teacher will spend less time on academics and more on having all students assimilate the information and be on the same page, when that time could be better spent progressing through the curriculum.

Our school has Highly Qualified, Dedicated and Experienced Faculty passionate about value based teaching, with good communication and presentation abilities to maximize each student's potential and learning experience. We follow unique teaching-learning methodologies that are student friendly and with student centered paradigms.

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