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Vedic Vidyashram’s aim is to create sportspersons of international caliber. That’s the reason we have fabulous playgrounds in our schools. We also make sure that the best possible equipment is made available to the students. The most apparent characteristic of playgrounds is that they provide a break from the day's routine, provide opportunities for children to practice a range of social, emotional, physical and mental skills and in building muscles and increasing fitness, which makes the students physically healthier and more active, and physical health plays an important role in children's education..

Our School in Valliyoor also focuses on being a sports academy, in our effort to bring out the sporting talents of our district. The School Ground is established on 10 acres of land. We have Volleyball courts, Kho-Kho arena , Basket ball courts and Badminton courts. We have a full sized football ground here. We have a 200mtr track where we get the children to practice and perform to the best of their potential. We have Cricket net practice facilities also here with qualified coaches. All the sports equipment provided are of international standards, certified by the respective associations. Our Physical Education teachers are the finest motivators and experts with years of experience and tactical knowledge.
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Radhapuram Main Road, South Vallioor, Vallioor, Tirunelveli - 627 117

04637 223101, 74799 12345


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